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v11.13 — Get 2-way Texting and Outbound Automation Inside Hubspot [product update]

Nichole Ballesteros

Our team at Aloware is hard at work delivering you the best CRM integrations so you can convert more of your leads faster.

We already have our sales dialer built into Hubspot, one of your favorite CRMs, and with it, it’s never been easier to get on the phone with your contacts to follow-up and close deals.


Today, we’re proud to announce our SMS extension. It allows you to send and receive texts inside Hubspot, so you can connect with your mobile customers in their channel of choice.

Find our SMS messenger to the right of your Hubspot contact page for easy one-to-one texting.


You also have Aloware-powered actions in your Hubspot workflows to manage send to many text sequences and templates.

With this integration update, you get the power to:

  • Launch an SMS/MMS sequence with Hubspot workflows
  • Enroll (or disenroll) leads into Aloware call and text sequences


  • Use Hubspot properties to fire an automated text message
  • Use Hubspot dynamic tags to personalize canned messages


Now, we can’t wait to see you in action with these tools! We hope that bringing in texting to Hubspot helps you boost team efficiency, customer engagement, and sales.

Eli, our success hero, would be happy to discuss how you can best leverage these updates in a live demo. Haven’t even synced Aloware with your CRM yet? Let’s fix that now! Book a time here for a Zoom meeting.

Nichole Ballesteros

Written by Nichole Ballesteros

Marketing manager at Aloware, introducing sales teams to the best contact center software to power up CRMs

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