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Here’s why your sales team needs a power dialer

There are many factors that increase your selling power, and one of them is to have the right tools for your sales team. For outbound, one important tool that you should be digging more into is your sales dialer. Certain measures like efficiency, ROI, and customer-to-agent call ratio seek the smartest, fastest, and the best dialer option for your sales team. 

Apart from completely eliminating manual dialing into your sales process, sales dialers are stepping it up to boost your sales team’s productivity, helping them reach bigger goals. 

1 – An efficiency booster

If power dialing can increase the number of dials an agent can make per hour, imagine how many it can make in a day. This doesn’t only help them beat their targets, it also increases their chances of driving more customers into your pipeline. Power dialers have the ability to skip bad numbers and voicemails, making calls more valuable for your business.

Call 500 leads

An unanswered call will not be the end of it – power dialers keep a record of these calls, so you can contact them again at a different time or with a different approach. With power dialing, you can monitor activities using call dispositions, tags, and notes. This way, contacts are maximized and the chances of converting them to a paying customer will be higher. Aloware’s power dialer is made even smarter with its ‘Follow The Sun’ feature which gives agents the ability to sort leads by timezone, so call schedules for local and overseas customers will be more organized.

2 – Lessens call reluctance

A salesperson’s job is no easy task. Apart from having good communication skills, one must be able to gauge when to insist on an offer, when to reengage, and when to stop. A lot of times, sales teams develop call reluctance problems due to poorly managed performance during a call. Unbeknown to them, having the ability to close more sales takes more than skills.

Managing teams virtually

Power dialing can help agents become more effective during every call as it records and tracks calls and performance. This way, agents will have access to past calls, assess where to improve on, and make future cold calls more effective. 

3 – Increases connection rates

Thanks to technology, smarter sales dialers can significantly improve connection rates. These dialers use local presence that lets businesses dynamically display an area’s local ID to match with the customer’s location. With a cold caller’s area code looking more trustworthy for customers, it can increase connection rates by around 30 to 40 percent.

local pressence

Connection rates are detrimental to cold calling success as it’s the first step in building your relationship with a customer. Suppose there were contacts that failed to be connected through calls. Power dialers can also push automatic voicemail, SMS, or email sequences to these contacts so agents can attend to them through other channels. This does two things: it creates more chances for your agents to communicate to them while giving customers more options to be contacted on a channel they prefer.

4 – Enriches call experiences

Not only does a power dialer hasten the process of connecting with customers, it also gives agents ample time to prepare in between calls.  Customizing wrap-up time lets agents breathe and prepare before engaging with another customer on a call. This helps improve the quality of calls for you and your customers.

Help agents close deals

Most power dialers also arm agents with dynamic call scripts as a tool to guide them on their sales pitch. If you’re lucky, you can find a power dialer that also integrates with your favorite CRM. With lead and contact information present in your CRM database, an integrated dialer will be able to help you know how to pitch and approach each lead.

5 – It’s an ROI driver

Yes, a monthly or annual subscription may be necessary, but the returns you’ll be getting are exceptional. Power dialers come with call recording and tracking tools that you can use to assess every call’s performance and workflow. Since everything is automatically recorded, you can immediately see metrics and reports in real-time. This can help your team define better sales techniques as you go along with your goals.

Monitor team performance

With you totally in control, you can set your pace according to your company’s customer-to-sales representative ratio, letting your agents be more focused on building relationships. Automated dials will save your agents time, allowing them to do more income-generating calls. Also, you don’t have to worry about TCPA fines and penalties, maintenance, and system upkeep because it all comes with your subscription package.

Try Aloware’s power dialer

The infinite possibilities a power dialer can do for your business is something worth your sales team’s effort. With Aloware, you can enjoy all these great things  – not to mention an unlimited call package – all wrapped up in one! 

Enjoy creating call campaigns and building lasting relationships with your customers. Made possible by a power dialer that does all the tasks for you, and made flexible with CRM tools you love. Aloware definitely offers so much more than just a sales dialer. 

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