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The leading Pipedrive phone integration solution for SMBs

The leading Pipedrive phone integration solution for SMBs

Connect with leads through a cloud contact center solution inside your Pipedrive CRM. Pipedrive phone integration offers more than calls for SMBs. Aloware + Pipedrive VoIP integration is an omnichannel cloud phone system that provides business texting, emailing, and sales automation tools.

You can double the productivity of your teams with Pipedrive phone integration. The contact center software is also fully customizable, accessible, and remote-ready for your teams to work from anywhere.

What is a cloud telephony system?

Cloud telephony or cloud calling is a type of unified communication as a service (UCaaS) that runs through an internet connection. The phone system brings in various communication tools beyond making phone calls.

With cloud telephony, you can connect your sales and support teams with SMS/MMS, email, and automation solutions that empower them to deliver customer success.

What is Pipedrive CRM?

A Pipedrive CRM is a deal-driven customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It improves small business-focused CRM with advanced features like chatbot creation and performance reporting.

The CRM has one differentiating capability that is attractive to small and medium-sized businesses(SMBs) that enable its users to visualize the sales process from start to finish.

Pipedrive features that sync with a cloud phone software like Aloware include the following;

  • Contact history
  • Team collaboration
  • Customizable pipeline
  • Activity reminders
  • Segment leads
  • Web forms

How do I use Aloware with Pipedrive phone integration?

First, you need to connect Aloware with Pipedrive to provide a secure and safe way to manage your contact information on both platforms. Then you need to turn the sync on.

With the Aloware syncing feature, the one-time pull sync does the following;

  1. Two-way sync contacts

Syncing your contacts in Aloware and Pipedrive requires a one-time successful configuration. It also allows you to access your Pipedrive contacts in Aloware. Both platforms become interconnected and simultaneously linked together from then on.

The following are syncing simultaneously on both platforms:

  • Contacts
  • Call Disposition
  • Call Status
  • Deals
  • Stages
  1. Push and pull sync

Contacts are automatically added when you create them in either Aloware or Pipedrive.

  • Push contacts – Click the “Push Contacts button” once, and contacts added in Aloware will sync in Pipedrive.
  • Pull contacts – All Pipedrive contacts will sync in Aloware. If you add contacts in Pipedrive, it will automatically sync to Aloware.

The following contact’s basic information is synced simultaneously on both platforms:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Alongside the contact’s basic information are the following fields being synced on Aloware:

  • Deals – Aloware should show the Deals associated with the contact
    • To associate a deal to contact in Pipedrive,
      • Click on the Deals tab in your Pipedrive account, and
      • Click the + button to any deal stage you like. Then let autocomplete input the contact name of the contact you’d wish to add.

Go back to your Aloware account.

  • Click the Sync Contact button.
  • The deal should automatically be added to the Pipedrive Card of the contact.
  • If you already viewed the contact in Aloware when you added the Deal, click on the Sync Contact button to pull the deals update.
    📝Note – Make sure that the “Don’t update contact information” from the Integration’s menu > Pipedrive card is disabled

Call Disposition – Call Disposition associated with the contact is synced in Pipedrive.

Contact Activities – Activities associated with contact should display in Pipedrive.

App Panel – Allows Pipedrive users to view a card displaying Aloware information about a contact.

  1. One-way sync

Clicking Pull Deal stages from the Pipedrive button will update the deal stages or status in all pulled contacts from Pipedrive. To do this,

  • When you add deals in Pipedrive, Aloware syncs the contact’s status.
  • You may continue the configuration by clicking the Connect to Pipedrive Users to Aloware button.
  • Aloware should show the Stage associated with a contact.

The Aloware admin gets an email notification for a successful user pull process.

Pipedrive phone integration features

Pipedrive phone integration has numerous features that power sales and support teams’ success. Some of the Pipedrive phone solutions include:

Spam protection

Your cloud phone system with Pipedrive protects your business line from spam and robotic dialers. Spam filters enable agents to instantly detect spam calls, stopping them and improving their sales productivity.

Spam protection solutions offered with Phone VoIP integration include;

  • Verified numbers
  • Caller ID registration
  • SMS spam filtering
  • And more

Call routing

Call routing is the management process for maximizing calls and assigning those on the queue to the right agent or support team. These call routing features include an automatic call distributor (ACD) and sales power dialer.

Pipedrive calling solutions enable you to run your cloud call center operations in the following ways:;

  • Voicemail routing after business hours
  • Multi-level and AI-powered Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs)
  • Holiday and special days call routing

Call transcription

Improve sales reps’ win rate with call recording, monitoring, and transcriptions. Automatically record and transcribe your calls or pause a call on sensitive information and details.

An AI-voice analytics transcribes speech to texts in minutes to detect tone, keywords, and highlights in real-time. This gives the general tone of the conversations for call sentiment analysis and insights for future team training.

Call notes

The call notes feature enables agents and sales reps to take note during a call using their cloud-based phone system. The notes are then shared among teams with an understanding of the history of the sales lead or customer support ticket.

Aloware call notes eliminate the need for a third-party note-taking app. You can legally capture relevant caller information and store them inside your cloud phone software.

Aloware + Pipedrive VoIP integration solutions

Instant phone numbers

Easily set up your virtual business phone system with compliant local, international, and toll-free phone numbers. Build meaningful connections by appearing in your leads’ neighborhoods using local area codes across major cities in the United States.

Go international with instant global phone numbers from a growing list of over 120+ countries. Other Pipedrive dialer solutions include;

  • Number porting to Aloware from every type of provider
  • SIP in-take for easy and seamless traffic flow
  • SMS/MMS Pipedrive CRM integration
  • Local presence

Business texting

89% of companies that use business text messaging say text engages customers more than email. Aloware business texting comes with bulk messaging capabilities and campaign sequences using Broadcast and Sequence, respectively.

Pipedrive users can launch SMS/MMS campaigns inside the Pipedrive app. Other Pipedrive SMS integration solutions include;

  • Two-way text messaging
  • Schedule your text campaigns
  • Send MMS at scale
  • Text workflow inside Pipedrive

Compliant calling

Aloware trusted calling meets the TCPA standard so that you get to your customers with the right caller ID and a verified checkmark. You can easily register for the Spam Prevention set by FCC and carriers using the following features;

  • CNAM caller registration
  • A2P 10DLC

As a Pipedrive phone solution, we have a dedicated team of carriers ready to assist you with complex compliance requirements. Other compliant calling solutions include;

  • SMS/MMS deliverability
  • In-app tolling
  • Call filtering prevention

Choose Aloware for your Pipedrive phone integration

Take or make calls with Pipedrive phone integration. Do more with your Pipedrive + Aloware contact center integration, including SMS texting and sales automation.

Pipedrive can do all Aloware cloud phone actions inside the CRM. It only takes two minutes to set up. The integration logs all customer communication within the Pipedrive CRM to streamline support and sales success.

Are you a Pipedrive user looking to integrate your CRM with an omnichannel cloud phone system? Book a demo.

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