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Why Aloware is the Best Aircall Alternative

Aloware vs Aircall

When it comes to cloud-based contact center software solutions designed to provide seamless, integrated communication for sales reps, sales agents, and support teams, Aloware and Aircall are two popular options. However, some key differences make Aloware the preferred choice over Aircall.

While Aircall offers cloud-based contact center solutions to sales reps, agents, and support teams to deliver customer service, it lacks essential client solutions such as two-way SMS/MMS capabilities and contact management, making it a less ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

This piece compares Aloware vs. Aircall, distinguishing these cloud-based contact center solutions. Lastly, we answer common questions on the best Aircall alternatives. Let’s dive in.

Why is Aloware the best Aircall alternative?  

Aloware is revolutionizing the way small and medium-sized businesses communicate with their customers. Our cloud contact center software offers an all-in-one platform that streamlines and simplifies the customer experience. 

Our mission is to bring human connection back to the forefront of sales, and our AI-powered technology makes this possible by freeing up sales reps to focus on customer success.

We understand the importance of integrating with your existing CRM, which is why Aloware seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and more. This integration allows for a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

In contrast, Aircall lacks essential features such as two-way SMS/MMS capabilities and robust contact management. Aloware goes beyond the basics, offering advanced features such as sales cadence automation and campaigns, customer experience measurement tools, and in-built AI voice analytics.

 While Aircall relies on third-party transcription tools, Aloware provides in-depth AI-voice analytics to better understand and improve the customer experience.JobNimbus, – A CRM & project management software for contractors, has this to say about Aloware; 

Aloware customer review – JobNimbus

Cloud-based call center features 

Aloware features go beyond cloud call center solutions. You get an omnichannel call center software that integrates seamlessly with the CRM of your choice. Here is a breakdown of Aloware vs. Aircall features.

Aloware features

With a strong focus on customer relationship management and sales automation, Aloware offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses looking to improve their customer engagement and sales processes.

  1. CRM integrations

Aloware has integrated with the leading CRMs in the market, including Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Salesforce integration is in the works. The integration with Hubspot CRM empowers Aloware users to do more than just make calls, providing a complete sales and marketing automation solution: 

  • Send a message
  • Enroll in a sequence.
  • Do not contact ( DNC) or disenroll from all sequences
  • Add user to power dialer
  1. Shortcodes

Aloware’s business texting solution enables users to send mass messages using shortcodes, build personalized relationships with local presence numbers, and engage prospects through two-way SMS. The shortcode feature allows users to send multimedia messages, including GIFs, emojis, and photos.

  1. Sales power dialer

Aloware’s sales dialer is the best in the market, automatically making calls on your contact list and designed to scale with your needs. Sales reps save time and convert more leads using automated call campaigns seamlessly integrating with SMS blasts and email sequences. 

The power dialer also provides a local caller ID, call dispositions, and the ability to drop voicemails with a pre-recorded message. Other benefits to the Aloware sales dialer include:

  • Get a local caller ID, also known as CNAM
  • Record outcomes with call dispositions 
  • Automatically sync data with your current CRM
  • Drop voicemails and bad calls with your pre-recorded voicemail
  • Increase pick-up rates with compliant calling 
  1. SMS blasts

SMS broadcasting tool enables users to send bulk messages for marketing purposes, with a high open rate and conversion rate due to the high read rate of text messages.

The Sequence feature offers flexible step execution and an intuitive user interface, enabling users to initiate and nurture prospect relationships automatically until conversion.

  1. AI voice analytics 

The AI-voice analytics provides sales operation managers with a powerful tool to check the performance of sales reps, transcribe calls, categorize them with AI-tracked keywords, and dive deeper into the tone and mood of conversations.

  1. Cloud phone system 

Aloware offers international, toll-free, and local phone numbers in over 120+ countries, providing more sales and support teams and enabling tactful call-holding to pause ongoing conversations. The Aircall alternative also provides spam protection, AI-powered IVRs, real-time call transcriptions, and multi-device switching capabilities.

Additionally, the cloud phone software offers advanced collaboration tools for sales and support teams, including workflow automation, an advanced sales power dialer, and automated call triggers to increase productivity and reduce time wastage.

Which Aircall alternative is more budget-friendly? 

Aloware pricing

With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, Aloware pricing is designed to support sales and support teams with affordability in mind. Our pricing plans are flexible, with a 14-day free trial and no credit card required.

Our monthly billing options include the following:

iPro – For just $40 per user, you get unlimited inbound calls and texts, making it the best alternative to Aircall for support teams.

uPro – For $70 per user, you get unlimited inbound and outbound calls, making it the ideal contact center solution package.

xPro – For $90 per user, you get a power dialer and custom workflows, allowing you to talk to up to 300 leads daily.

When you choose quarterly billing with Aloware, you save 15% on all our offerings. For example, with xPro, you are billed $80 per user instead of $90. This lets your team focus on closing more deals instead of worrying about monthly billing.

In comparison, Aircall has limited pricing options, with only two offerings and a third customized package, which aligns with your business needs. Aircall offers a 7-day free trial and charges hidden fees for extra features. Here is their monthly pricing:

Essentials – You get a flexible voice solution for $30 (with a minimum of 3 users).

Professional – For $50 (with a minimum of 3 users), you get advanced features to boost productivity and performance.

With annual billing, Aircall saves you 29%, but it still has higher prices than Aloware. The Professional package costs a minimum of $70 per user, which amounts to $210 per month for three users. With Aloware, the same package costs $60 per user, billed quarterly, for a total of $2,160 per year.

Cost Savings: Aircall costs $2,520 per year, while Aloware costs $2,160 per year. That’s a savings of $360 per year. In conclusion, Aloware is more affordable compared to Aircall, especially when it comes to quarterly billing for a similar payment tier.

What is Aloware vs. Aircall integrations?

Aircall vs Alowaare integrations

Aloware integrations 

Aloware has integrated with top sales and support team solutions in the market. For instance, Aloware and Guesty integration automates your workflows and streamlines your operations to deliver customer satisfaction in the real estate industry.

Other notable Aloware integrations beyond Hubspot CRM include:

  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • HighLevel
  • Zapier
  • Guesty
  • Helpscout
  • Gong
  • Facebook
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Analytics

Depending on your specific needs and the type of business, one solution may be better suited for you than the other. If you need a dedicated phone system with specific call center features, Aircall might be a good option. However, if you need a more comprehensive sales acceleration platform that integrates with multiple communication tools and business applications, Aloware might be a better fit.

What do customers think?

Aloware reviews

Our customers say great things about our solutions across credible software review sites like G2 and Capterra. Here are some Aloware review examples as the best Aircall alternative; 

“Aloware has been great for making outbound dials and tracking data on behalf of our sales team. Their team tends to be quick to respond to build requests and seems to be interested in building the best software possible.” Aloware G2 reviews,

“Aloware is a great company that provides us the “call center” we need. Whether you are a big company or small. If I have problems, I am contacted quickly, and the problem is efficiently solutions – Aloware Capterra reviews

Aircall reviews

Aircall has excellent reviews; however, customers are not satisfied with some of their solutions.

For instance, a customer signed up for their platform solely because it integrates with Hubspot CRM but was let down. Here is the Aircall review on G2.

“terrible customer support and integration with Hubspot”

Another customer on Capterra is unhappy and recommends something other than Aircall for small businesses. The customer claims the customer service management ( CSM) rep was interested in locking them into a long-term contract than helping them fix the issue. Here is Aircall Capterra’s review; 

“Worst CSM rep and billing cancellation process. Beware!”

I am not trying to throw Aircall under the bus; their support team responded t the negative feedback and apologized for the poor customer experience. However, an alternative to Aircall would be our recommendation.

Choose Aloware today 

Aloware vs Aircall

In conclusion, Aloware delivers more than just cloud-based call center solutions. As a superior substitute for Aircall, we provide an omnichannel contact center surpassing conventional call centers’ features.

With our cutting-edge tools, such as Sequence+ and Broadcasts, your sales representatives and support teams can effortlessly make sales calls synchronize emails, and access business text insights from a single, centralized dashboard. This leads to increased conversion rates and a more comprehensive customer engagement approach.

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What is better than Aircall?

Aloware is the best Aircall alternative for sales reps and support teams that want omnichannel cloud call center solutions. The Aircall competitor offers more calling, emailing, and texting synced together seamlessly. 

What is the most popular VoIP?

The most popular VoIP services in 2023 are:

  • Aloware
  • Nextiva
  • Aircall
  • Talkdesk
  • Vonage
  • Dailpad
  • 8×8

What is the best telephony platform?

Aloware is the best cloud telephony platform for medium and small businesses. The cloud-based phone system allows businesses to:

  • Detect spam calls instantly.
  • Route call with precision
  • Switch devices (desktop and mobile) with ease.
  • Add Interactive Voice Responders (IVRs) to your customer support lines.

What is the best dialer for a call center?

Aloware offers the best power dialer for a call center. Here is what you get with the Aloware power dialer: 

  • VM library
  • Call scripts
  • Local caller ID
  • Calling campaigns
  • Call dispositions
  • Fast progressive dialer
  • Voicemail drop