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JustCall Alternative – Aloware, the Best Cloud Phone System

AI is transforming how we communicate by enabling natural language processing, voice recognition, and predictive analytics. Cloud phone systems increasingly use AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to handle routine queries and provide personalized customer service.

As the best JustCall alternative, our focus is providing SMBs with a cloud phone system solution that offers a wide range of features to help them streamline their communication processes, boost efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

In this piece comparing Aloware vs. JustCall, we explain why Aloware is the best JustCall competitor for SMBs. Let’s get started. 

Why is Aloware the best JustCall alternative? 

Aloware is a cloud-based phone system that simplifies call management for small and medium businesses. Its customizable call routing feature allows sales reps to manage their teams effectively. 

We aim to build strong relationships among businesses, prospects, and customers through a multichannel cloud phone system that supports email and text messaging, resulting in an omnichannel experience.

JustCall is a cloud phone system for customer-facing teams. Aloware caters to sales and customer service teams, and JustCall provides cloud phone solutions like intelligent call routing, live call monitoring, and SMS bots.

However, Aloware stands out with an omnichannel cloud contact center solution that includes features like AI-powered IVRs, spam protection, business texting (SMS/MMS), AI voice analytics, instant phone numbers (local and international), and a sales power dialer.

Cloud-based phone system features

Aloware Features

Aloware’s cloud contact center software stands out as the top choice for small and medium businesses. Our suite of features is far superior to JustCall, including the following:

Inbound Call Center Solutions: Aloware offers multiple lines (local and international), ring groups, whisper coaching, and pause recording for sensitive information.

Business Text Messaging: Using Broadcast, Aloware’s contact center software allows users to send multimedia messages, build local ties, and text at scale. Analytics and reporting are also integrated into the cloud contact center solution.

Sales Power Dialer: Aloware’s sales dialer is fast and progressive and allows users to create calling campaigns, use local caller ID, and drop bad calls with pre-recorded voicemails.

AI Voice Analytics: Our software transcribes 100% of voice and derives sentiment analysis, replaying conversations using a call visualizer.

Instant Phone Numbers: Users can set up a virtual business phone system locally and internationally compliant in minutes.

Contact Management: Aloware’s solution includes a mini-CRM interface like that on HubSpot,  list builder, and contact tags for proper lead segmentation.

Analytics & Reporting: Real-time analytics across calls, texts, and emails, as well as agent performance, email reports, call tracking, and talk time reports.

JustCall’s outbound call center and business phone system solutions pale in comparison. While they offer autodialers and SMS features, they need essential cloud phone solutions like web form to connect, AlohaBot, customer experience measurement, and automation and campaign tools. 

Aloware’s cloud contact center software is also built specifically for customer support teams, offering IVR + smart queues, text-enabled phone lines, call recording and coaching, spam caller detection, and local presence.

How much does a cloud phone cost?

An affordable cloud phone system costs depend on the features offered and the number of users needing access. Nevertheless, JustCall alternatives like Aloware have one fixed price per plan with no hidden fees. 

Here is the breakdown of Aloware vs. JustCall pricing:

Aloware pricing 

Aloware pricing has three payment tiers with 14-day free trials across all plans. 

For monthly billing, 

Aloware monthly pricing
  • iPro – For $40/user, you get unlimited inbound calls + texts. It’s the best JustCall alternative for support teams.
  • uPro – For $70/user, you get unlimited inbound and outbound. It is the best contact center solution package. 
  • xPro – For $90/user, you get a power dialer + custom workflows. You can talk to 300+ leads per day. 

For quarterly billing, you save 15% for any plan.

Aloware quarterly pricing
  • iPro – For $30/user, you get unlimited inbound calls + texts. 
  • uPro – For $60/user, you get unlimited inbound and outbound. It is the best contact center solution package, including everything in iPro.
  • xPro – For $80/user, you get a power dialer + custom workflows. You can talk to 300+ leads per day. 

JustCall pricing

JustCall pricing for business has the following monthly payment tiers:

  • Standard – $30/ 2-user minimum per month 
  • Premium – $60/ 2- user minimum per month
  • Request a Quote for flexible pricing based on needs

For annual JustCall pricing: 

  • Standard – $24/ 2-user minimum billed annually
  • Premium – $48/ 2- user minimum billed annually 
  • Request a Quote

JustCall vs. Aloware integrations 

Aloware vs. JustCall Integrations

Aloware integrations

JustCall and Aloware offer integrations with various tools and platforms to help businesses streamline their communication and workflows. However, Aloware offers a wider range of integrations, making it a more versatile business choice.

Aloware integrates with leading CRMs such as Hubspot, Zoho, and Pipedrive, which can help businesses manage customer data effectively. It also offers integrations with Zapier, Helpscout, Facebook, Slack, and Gong, enabling businesses to connect their phone system with popular marketing, support, and collaboration tools.

Moreover, Aloware’s integration with Hubspot CRM allows users to create ticket-based and deal-based workflows, such as sending messages, adding or removing tags, enrolling in sequences, and marking as “do not contact” (DNC). These features can help businesses manage customer relationships efficiently and enhance sales and support processes.

In comparison, while JustCall also offers integrations with popular tools like Dropbox, Kustomer, Salesforce, Outreach, and Hubspot, its integration options are more limited than Aloware’s, potentially limiting its usefulness for businesses with specific integration needs.

What is the best cloud phone system? 

Aloware reviews

Aloware Reviews

 “My experience with Aloware has been nothing but outstanding. Before Aloware, we needed support and data organization to maintain day-to-day operations. Transitioning to Aloware was seamless, and we can now scale thanks to Aloware exponentially. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with Aloware, and I can’t thank…enough for their efforts to make our operation much more efficient.”  – Capterra 

“The system is thoughtfully designed, and settings are easy to configure and dial in. In addition to that, their support team is truly as good as it gets. They answer quickly and genuinely care about our experience. I also love that I set this software up over a year ago, and it just works with minimal input from me. Uptime is virtually 100%, and updates don’t break anything. I also really like their integration suite. From simple webhooks to full CRM connectivity, getting their platform talking to our other systems is easy.” – G2

Choose Aloware today 

Aloware offers seamless call transfers across departments, making it easier for companies to connect their customers with the right person. With omnichannel contact center solutions, Aloware provides unlimited call syncing with text and email, making it an affordable and superior alternative to JustCall.

Adaptable and flexible, Aloware is the top choice for sales teams due to its seamless integration with leading CRM partners such as Hubspot and Pipedrive. Meanwhile, support teams can utilize the Aloware Chrome extension to view and call contacts online.

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