Business Phone System

Modernize your business phone with Call, Text, and Social Messaging channels

Forget about paying per-seat for business phone services. With Aloware, there is no limit to the number of agents on our browser-powered platform. There’s no hardware required, and you can use channels like calling, texting, and social media.

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The All-in-One Business Phone

Call local & toll-free numbers in 120 countries

Assign local or international numbers to your team members around the world. All phone numbers come with text capability and are ready to be used instantly. 

All you need to get started is a headset and a browser. No hardware installations or firewall config required. Put an end to upfront costs and service plans.

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Easily integrate with any CRM or help desk

We natively support HubSpot, Slack, Pipedrive, and many other popular CRM and help desk platforms. Need a new integration? Just let us know. 

Our powerful API lets you send and receive data to your new phone system and pull up customer records on your CRM whenever a call comes in.

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Enjoy modern features from the cloud

Get integrated call tracking to get better visibility into your customers’ journey. Ensure your customers receive a pleasurable journey from start to finish.

Want to call a colleague in a different continent on a local line? Consider it done. Need local area codes of every big city? Easy. Want a report on missed calls across national office locations? Not a problem. These are features only a modern cloud system can offer. 

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Key Business Phone Features

Local & Toll-free Presence

All calls can be forwarded to your cell phone or landline after a defined ring time or if the call is missed.


Send and receive SMS and MMS text messages on all business lines. Show your customers you are a modern company. 

Forward to Cell Phone

Instantly assign phone numbers in virtually any area code, including toll-free and vanity. 

Contact Manager

Log all of you calls inside our powerful contact management platform which can be shared with your team.

Ring Groups

Set up teams, hunt groups, and ring groups in our easy-to-use interface.

International Numbers

With local numbers in over 120 countries around the world, your company will attain a global presence.

Get your team talking and texting

Painless Integration

Our ever-growing integration offerings allow you to easily connect your business phone to your favorite CRM, Help Desk software, or even in-house apps.

Easy to Use

Our simple, intuitive, and dynamic dashboard can be used by your agents immediately with no training. We don’t charge implementation fees, either. 

Automation Rules

Design and automate rules and workflows for new callers, post-call surveys, tag-based actions, and auto-responses.